See everything from a river cruise starting at Guilin to a  bicycle tour of the Southern Chinese countryside. We will even see an Opera at the new ZhuHai opera house (will rival the Sydney Opera House).


Grandmaster's Hometown

The itinerary has been closely planned my Grandmaster Sin and Master Joe to offer an experience of Southern China (his homeland)  in a trip that is almost entirely unlike any previous Shaolin-Do trip.


Learn the incredible story of Grandmaster Sin's ancestors and meet them when you visit their home city of Fuching. See the first public school of Fujian built by his Great Grandfather, one of the founders of The Republic of China.


China Trip 2018

updated 6/11/17

Experience authentic Chinese food in the finest restaurants. Experience a real Tea ceremony in a Tea House at WuYi mountain, the most famous source of Tea in the world.