Huang Shan (Yellow Mountains)

"Once you've seen the yellow mountains, you don't have to see the other 4 Holy Mountains Of China" famous saying

In the morning, will drive you for about 3 hours from Hangzhou to the foot of Mt. Huangshan, take a cable car to reach the North Sea Scenic Area of the mountain. Ascending it, you will be astonished by the amazing natural scenery. You could enjoy the view of the Beginning-to-
Believe Peak, the Peach Blossom Peak, the Lion Peak, the Flying Stone and the Bright Summit which are all veiled in mist, forming a fairy-tale world under heaven. Then, you will explore the Cloud-dispersing Pavilion and Xihai Grand Canyon. Commanding a wide view, the Cloud-dispersing Pavilion is one of the best sites to appreciate the splendid mountain scenery. As one of the highlights of the mountain, Xihai Grand Canyon boasts peculiar rocks, precious animal species and verdant plants. When the tour ends, you could take the cable car again back to the foot of the mountain and return to the hotel in the city area.Overnight at Huangshan - Tunxi Ancient Street. Paved with maroon flagstones and boasting ancient architecture, this century-old pedestrian commercial street is reputed as 'Qingming Festival by the Riverside (a famous Chinese painting) in real life'. In addition, you could find many souvenirs rich in Chinese culture here.Yixian County - Shexian CountyAs an ancient village tourist attraction featuring water gap garden, Huizhou architecture and rural landscape, Tangmo always enjoy the fame as being “artistic landscapes and the long corridor of Huizhou-style architectures”. It renowned reputation is illustrated by the bloom of ancient trees from the Tang Dynasty, the grace of streams flowing through the village, the beauty of water gap garden, the delicacy of tablets calligraphy, the attraction of bridges variety and the glory of the sibling scholars simultaneously served in the ancient Imperial Academy. Chengkan Is located in the world natural and cultural heritage - huangshan scenic area south (59 ° 55 ', east longitude 118 ° 15 ', north latitude in the huizhou area to the road of huangshan, fozi mountain sections in northeast five kilometers), 40 kilometers north of huangshan mountain, south town, 15 km away from huizhou district headquarters - rock temple. Is located in the green bamboo, natural landscape, cultural landscape as a whole. Is since the tang dynasty anhui merchants, culture education career flourish, in the development of huizhou culture and history of its own.